Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No. 0984 Wily Wabbits

What's up Doc?
Like the Ancient Sphinx, Egyptians are ingenious and cunning. The next gen of Egyptians takes these traits, and adds them to a cocktail mix of daring, dissent, and nerve, to pack one mean tall drink of fire. Funnel this through social media, and it goes viral, illuminating the dark spaces like billions of stars dotting the night sky.

After thousands of years the silence of the Sphinx is broken,
"Up rose the merry Sphinx,
And crouched no more in stone;
She melted into purple cloud,
She silvered in the moon;
She spired into a yellow flame;
She flowered in blossoms red;
She flowed into a foaming wave:
She stood Monadnoc's head."
- Emerson

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