Saturday, January 22, 2011

No. 0988 Fabulous Tailors

I always love going to these open shops in Egypt full of piles and piles of fabric and sometimes a sewing machine halfway into the street. You can get your curtains sewn, buy cushions for your sofa, fix broken zippers, reupholster all of your furniture - or at other tailors, have entire suits and evening gowns made, wedding dresses, or just get your pants hemmed. I've even seen one that sews "imported hair" together to make ladies wigs. It's easy, its inexpensive, often its quite nicely done (apart from the hair I think), and the experience of going to these shops itself is piles more fun than shopping at Home Center or Walmart.

Fabric/sewing shop in Heliopolis.
Note the stacks of cushions for outdoor patio furniture.
I had some made for my balcony.

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