Monday, January 17, 2011

No. 0993 Adding Hot Sauce to Pizza

"Mexican" Pizza comes with hot sauce
already spread all over it

I never tried adding hot sauce to pizza before coming to Egypt, but it seems to be quite popular here. 

In Europe, restaurants instead typically come equipped with a bottle of olive oil containing red chilies and other spices. In Finland apparently, they add JAM to pizza (we knew friends who tried this in an Italian restaurant once and the Italian owner kicked them out for the great offense). 

But, in Egypt, it seems hot sauce is the condiment of choice and after having tried it, I am fabulously addicted.

It is especially great, since my almost-4yr old daughter refuses to eat anything but Margherita pizza (for Canadians and Americans, that's a CHEESE pizza...  we made the mistake of ordering her a Margherita pizza once in the States and they brought her an actual Margarita drink... she was 2 at the time). 

Anyhow, hot sauce makes even the most bland pizza yum, and its another small fiery delicious thing I thank Egypt for spicing my life with.

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