Monday, February 14, 2011

No. 0982 ***300+ New Stars that Grace the Sky***

Saif-Allah Mustafa Musa.
Age 16. Shot on Jan 28.
"Hope is the dream of a soul awake."

This Valentine's day, we should remember the brave hearts who gave their lives for our freedom, and their loved ones who will miss them today and forever more.

Sweet fallen stars, you who believed that justice was greater than death, and that securing the rights of your compatriots was greater than the preservation of your own lives.

You who refused to grovel at the feet of your oppressors as generations had done before you. You stood with great dignity, hearts and minds, body and soul united, and took a stand that pulsated throughout the globe. 

"Unfit for democracy" they accused. "Undeserving" they quarreled. "Arabs are a culture foreign to human rights" they speculated. "Stability! Stability! Stability!" they insisted was needed in place of dignity.

You proved them wrong.

Your peaceful insistence on a chance to govern your future, on a chance for economic justice, and above all on freedom from oppression, showed the world that you too deserved a voice.
Sally Magdy Zahran
Age 23
Killed Jan 28 by
wound from a bat
And you too deserved dignity.

To the loss of the world, there were counted among you some of the world's most precious: artists, engineers, students, teachers, brothers, sisters, fathers, daughters... whose talents are now lost.

It is our utmost responsibility to ensure that your loss does not fall on barren soil, that the goals for which you sacrificed your lives are realized.

We owe you much.
Our streets feel cleaner, our hearts feel lighter, and the stars shine more brightly because of you.

Indeed, NASA has named one of its new shuttles after Sally Zahran, the young girl who died after being battered in the head by a barbarian carrying a bat. She joins the stars now alongside all who courageously fell in the Revolution. Your ancestors lived by the stars. For them, the stars represented eternity and the afterlife. You may have had mortal bodies, but your Herculean deeds have lifted you to to the ranks of the stars and to immortality.

God bless, and lest we ever forget - the stars will be there to remind us.

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