Sunday, July 17, 2011

No. 0940 Bone Marrow Soup (aka Homemade Viagra)

A lot of visitor's to Karnak temple in Luxor, wishing to have children will circumambulate 7 or 8 times around this large beetle statue which is said to be auspicious for fertility. (Given the numbers of Egyptian babies born each day, it seems they are right to at least try).

But these visitors are missing one of Egypt's best kept fertility secrets: Bone Marrow Soup
The fertility gods have nothing on this.

Have seen a table full of guys sit down and try to chew on, slurp up, and swallow the marrow out of the bone in a soup in a very traditional restaurant somewhere deep in heart of Cairo. They were all a bit disgusted to eat it, but after about 20 minutes of struggling they all managed to choke down the whole bowl. The reason: it is apparently healthy not only for your body, but also for a man's sperm count.  It's a natural viagra.

So, next time you are preparing a romantic candlelight dinner for you and your man ladies, leave aside traditional aphrodisiacs like oysters, honey, or chocolate, and instead prepare a bowl of marrow. For honeymooners in sure to get it on your menu.

The Karnak beetle. source:

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