Sunday, July 17, 2011

No. 0945 Building up your Immunities

There are many opportunities to build up your immunities in Egypt.
Here is a run-down of the top 10 most fabulous ones:

1. Smoking Shisha (make sure your cafe does NOT use the disposable plastics)
2. Juice shops - don't get the disposable takeaway plastic cups - the glass ones are better for the environment and better for building your immunities! ;-)
3. Greetings. In the middle east it is customary to kiss when you greet someone (of the same sex or close family). Any family gathering with ample aunts and cousins will do.
4. Going anywhere with major crowds of people (you won't have to search very long)
5. Sunshine
6. Food with garlic (Egypt has many)
7. Fresh fruits and vegetables (year round local)
8. Gergeer juice. Really. (this needs to be saved for a later post - but I for now I'll just say its a green leafy "dose of healthy" in a cup)
9. Visit to any of the numerous children's play areas / amusement parks
10. Drinking Nile Water (they say if you do, you'll never leave Egypt -- seems its worked on ME so far)


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