Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No. 0965 People finding their Voice

A Canadian, I never really appreciated what it meant to be able to express a political opinion freely until this year, living through the revolution in Egypt, and witnessing so many people for the FIRST TIME be able to shout out, draw, act, dance, sing their political opinions freely.
In Canada, we love to make fun of our politicians, either through cartoons, slapstick comedy, or nefarious pie-throwing. Before Jan 25 in Egypt this just didn't happen. Trash-talking Mubarak was akin to sacrilege, an ultimate taboo, he and Suzanne were the baba and the mama of the nation.

That is not to say they were loved equally by all... As far back as 10 years ago I remember sitting in a cafe in Munich with a group of young Egyptian expats all plotting back then how they could overtake the government and make the change they felt was vital to happen. But public dissent in Egypt has been brutally repressed by the regime for longer than most Egyptians have been living.

Now, in post-Mubarak Egypt, we are witnessing this amazing transformation where everyone has politics at the tip of the tongue, and there is disagreement! Amaaaaazing disagreement, about what needs to be done, and what the future holds for this country. In a land, where apparently books like "To Kill a Mockingbird" were banned from the public curriculum because they spoke about Dangerous subjects like "rights", I marvel at the fabulous process Egyptians are undergoing right now, to suddenly learn and catch up on their political freedoms.

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