Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No. 0992 Healthy and Delicious Fast Food

An Egyptian restaurant selling
"foul" and falafel sandwiches
Egyptian fast food is unbelievably fabulous. I still am utterly amazed when Egyptians or other expats go to McDonald's or other American chains here (which are all quite popular), and spend about 10 times as much as they would for Egyptian fast food, on food that is infinitely less healthy and infinitely less tasty. (In my opinion, the only thing McDonald's is good for is its toilets).

Egyptian fast food has a whole variety of yummy helpings - from Kebab sandwiches for meat lovers (that come second only to Turkish Döner kebabs) to a wide selection of vegetarian and even vegan delights (watch out for my upcoming post on why its great to be a vegan in Egypt).

One of my favorite Egyptian fast food restaurant experiences was eating in a restaurant called "The Gash" (which means, I believe, the donkey) where we actually had to move our tables and chairs as we were eating in the middle of the street when some cars came up behind us. Talk about fabulous food on the go... ;)

Preparing falafel (in Egyptian, called "Tahmeya")

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