Saturday, January 15, 2011

No. 0996 Fabulous Pharmacies

Fabulous 24-hour free home delivery
In Egypt, you can get medical advice and free home delivery 24 hours. This is especially helpful with babies and small children. The pharmacists nearly all speak good English and can provide medical advice as needed around the clock.

Need to take an injection or take a blood sample? Don't feel like getting up and waiting in a clinic? Don't worry, they will send a nurse right to your home to help you.

The Egyptian pharmacies are especially fabulous when you have a small baby and realize at 3am you are out of diapers. Do you have to get dressed and drag baby with you to the store? Or worse...wait until the next day and wrap them in your shirt in the meantime? NOPE. Not in Egypt.

15 minutes after your phone call, all the diapers, baby food, bandages, mouthwash, toothpaste, antihistamines, or anything else you might need from the pharmacy, is there, delivered to your doorstep, for FREE. Fabulous.

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