Monday, July 18, 2011

No. 0935 Juice Shops

Ok, this is truly one of those things that if you are a tourist in Egypt but you pass this up because you are afraid your stomach will turn on you - then sorry, but you are missing a lot.

The fresh juices in Egypt are faaa-bu-lous!

For any inductee to Egyptian juice stands, there is one which is very delicious and a must-try is a drink called Fahfahina, which features a blend of seasonal fruit (but usually something like banana and strawberries, mango juice, guava juice, melon, apples, maybe pomegranate seeds, even some crushed nuts and icecream)

My personal favorite, which I restrict myself from having too often for the high sugars - is Asab juice (sugar cane). (This guy has captured an awesome photo of it here: They literally take the whole sugar cane stalk and push it into a big juicer that churns out this green yummy sugary and refreshing drink.

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