Monday, July 18, 2011

No. 0936 Amazing fruits and vegetables year-round

I grew up in Canada. Then I moved to rainy Europe. I can really say, that I don't think I ever really tasted a tomato until I went to Egypt (for more reasons on why North American tomatoes are so bland read this nice article on how "industrial farming has destroyed the tasty tomato". Compared to Egyptian tomatoes, all other tomatoes taste like water, really. In the past, I used to be dazed by people who could just eat a full tomato like an apple, but after living in Egypt I can start to understand why.

Don't get me wrong, I worked for a non-profit last year that works with the farmers in Egypt, and Egypt certainly has its share of "issues" with farming, including incorrect and over-usage of pesticides, cold-chain, transport issues, etc. But, the organization I was working with strongly believes in the potential of Egypt's food and vegetables, they believe they can make a nearly year-round calendar of tomatoes out of this country. The potential for agriculture in this country is tremendous, it just needs the proper planning and support. Ye rab! isa!

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