Sunday, July 17, 2011

No. 0939 Yogurt

It seems like a really trite thing to mention, but it's something I love and so I am giving it a whole post: Yogurt. Before living in Egypt, I used to eat yogurt, but more out of just health considerations than out of pure love. But in Egypt, it is a love affair. The yogurt here is the best I've eaten (and that's after living and feasting on the delights of European dairy for years). I suspect the reason why the yogurt tastes so good is here that the Egyptians must be adding a high amount of fresh cream to the yogurt. It is maybe less healthy, but ok - its still only 3 weighwatchers points (about the same as a cup of 3-in-1 coffee), so in my books that's still fabulous.

On another note - one of my favorite drinks here is Zibedi wa asal (yogurt with honey), its a great healthy alternative to a milkshake, terribly refreshing, served in almost any restaurant and cafe, and absolutely delicious.

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