Sunday, July 17, 2011

No. 0941 Taxi Rides

In Egypt, riding in a taxi can be a real adventure. Nowadays the Taxis have been upgraded quite a bit (there are still some where the floor is so low you feel you are in a Fred Flintstone car - but they are less and less each day). As a tourist, you want to take the white taxi as these have meters in them and are usually newer cars - though you can still find difficulty in finding a seatbelt. Taxis drivers are the ears and eyes of the city and talking to them (usually they are quite gregarious and talkative) is usually an interesting experience. Unconfirmed story....but apparently when the Egyptian govt started making seatbelts for drivers mandatory, there were actually taxi drivers in an evasive move who had their wives sew seatbelts onto their shirts so they wouldn't have to buckle up.... (after living in Egypt these things don't surprise me anymore)

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