Saturday, July 16, 2011

No. 0951 Enta Omri performed by Umm Khultum

There is too much to say about Umm Khultum to limit her to a single post in the Fabulous things about Egypt, so I will just start here with Enta Omri, one of her most famous songs and the first she performed written by Abdel Wahab.

Some believe that Umm Khultum is an acquired taste. Here in Egypt, people typically say that the younger generation just doesn't "get" her and that you only begin to appreciate her as you grow older (amazingly, many of those comments have come from 20 and 30-somethings themselves, but I guess here in Egypt those are already grouped above the "younger" gen).

Anyhow, indisputably, like fine wine Umm Khultum just gets better over time. There is something so emotional that just resonates so deeply with the listener, as if a piece of your own heart is being unfolded in front of you. But enough talk... let's listen,

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