Saturday, August 20, 2011

No. 0864 Eshta (clotted cream)

Eshta figures prominently in many of the Egyptian Ramadan desserts, like qatayef for example. Basically, it is the layer of cream that rises to the top when you heat the milk.

Source: Ethnic Gourmet
In Egypt, the word has also entered into slang and is used by people to describe a young pretty girl, especially a fair one (this is not just a dirty catcall by men, the meaning can be more innocent than this - a lot of old ladies will call young girls this too, "zay el eshta" - you are just like eshta, and you are just like honey "zay el assal" are common expressions).

Apparently the word Eshta is also somehow an equivalent of "cool" or "sick", when something is fabulous, you say it.

Here is a recipe from Beirut on how to make clotted cream.
For more information on varieties of yummy creamed dishes, read this nice article from the Washington Times on creme de la creme.